June 14, 2007

Next President of India – who is ?

Who should be next president of India?

This question remained open from the day the Honorable President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was elected. President Kalam’s term will expire on 25 July 2007. Thus an election is due for electing a new President.

Definition :  ‘Politics’ is the process by which groups of people make decisions. The Greek philosopher Aristotle (384–322BC) in his book ‘Politics’, asserted that man is, by nature, a political animal; Plato and Aristotle did not exclude scientists, or engineers, academicians, scholars and other intellectuals.

we started with first few Presidents of India as, Freedom Fighter, Lawyer, Philosopher, Educator, Judge. Later it was all Politician and then again in year 2002 a Scientist, Engineer. (ref. URL

For complete article move on to Website URL :


By R C Chakraborty, June 14, 2007,   Former Director of DTRL & ISSA, DRDO,,


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