May 27, 2016

Learn Orbital Mechanics – motion of earth, sun, moon & satellites

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Title  :  Learn  Orbital  Mechanics – motion of earth, sun, moon & satellites

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Access  :  Free,  no  registration  required.

Description  : Topics organized into 8 sections include tutorials & software  driven computations – Introduction to Orbital mechanics, Astronomical time standards & conversions, Positional astronomy – earth orbit around sun, Position of sun on celestial sphere, Position of earth on celestial sphere, Satellites orbit elements – ephemeris, keplerian elements, state vectors, Satellites motion around earth – orbital & positional parameters, Satellite pass for earth Station – prediction of ground trace. (Total 400 pages in 8 pdf files include text, graphics, examples, problems & OM-MSS software  driven test results).

Objectives  :  Free online self explanatory learning resources & teaching materials.

Who Should read  :  Beginners,  senior students,  professionals  and  researchers.

Author : RC Chakraborty, , Former Visiting Professor at JUET.

Conditions of Use :  Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works

4.0 International [Ref. ]

Update  on  Dec. 20, 2015

Tags : OM-MSS software, Orbital mechanics, Astronomical time, Positional astronomy, Sun position on celestial sphere, Earth position on celestial sphere, Earth motion around sun, Satellites orbit elements, Satellites motion around earth, Satellite pass ground trace for earth Station.

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