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Welcome  to  Blog  myreaders ,       URL

This  Blog  Reflects  Presence  of  web domain  ‘myreaders’  in  the  world  of  Internet.

The blog provides access to the presence of my web domain, website, social media and social sites in the world of Internet.  The Blog URL is in context with the domain name of my website ‘’ . The blog is created using WordPress open-source blogging tool available free for registered users.

The Blog consists 6 sections called ‘pages‘ to write on about the ‘posts’.  The blog pages are quasi-static contents.   The pages are named as Home,   About ME,  Courses,  Science & Technology,  Education & Research,  Opportunity, Issues.

The Blog posts are organized into 10 groups called ‘category’ for convenient browsing and display posts.  The categories are World of Internet,  Artificial Intelligence,  Soft Computing,  Comp. Vision & Image Proc,  Electronics & Comm.,  Computers,  Remote Sensing,  Orbit & Space Tech.,  Projects & Proposals,  Education & Opportunity, Opinion.

This Blog is used to perform multiple jobs

  • posts relevant for a short period
  • posts related to my website
  • access to my website pages
  • access to my social networking sites
  • posts relevant for a long period
  • posts to promote my website
  • access to my social media sites,
  • online domain brand advertising entity

(a)  Access to Website 

Courses Computer Science & Engineering :  

Artificial Intelligence, Soft Computing, Image Processing & Computer Vision and related students projects.

Science & Technology :    

Remote sensing, Communication, Computer, Electronics, Orbital mechanics.

Education : 

Science : Physics & Mathematics, Assignments & Projects

Career :  

Engineering , Management : Education & Opportunities

Current Issues :    

Social, Economic, Environmental : events, challenges & initiatives

Site Map :   

Site structure, Feedback & About Me

(b) Access to Social media & Social networking sites


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